NeptuneVMS™ is a browser based software solution for Captains, crew, yacht owners and fleet management companies.

The system was designed from the "ground up" to be browser based enabling platform independance. You can access the system from enay device with a network connection and browser, whether using Microsoft®, Mac OS®, Linux etc.

A true relational database design with simultaneous multi user and multi vessel capability making it suitable for single vessels and larger fleets alike.

More than just a maintenance and inventory system for Engineers, some of the key modules are listed below:

  • Equipment and assets
  • Maintenance management
  • ISM document management and control with traceability
  • Crew and guest registers
  • Inventory control
  • Passage plans, customs forms
  • Health and Safety
  • Multi yacht design (ideal for management companies with multiple yachts on the books)
  • New Builds and Refits with image library
  • Hazardous Materials
  • ISPS, Standards and Safety Procedures
  • Contracts
  • Purchasing control (with optional barcodes)
  • Suppliers
  • Ships accounts with multi-currency, Trial Balance & management reports

Access to the system is via a unique user name and password combination. Electronic signing of ISM documents, e.g. bunkering, permits to work etc., each crew member is assigned a PIN similar to bank cash card. Linked to this is a digitized copy of the crew member signature. These details should be treated as you would your personal banking passwords. Users can change their PIN and password. Access to the system is via a Role Based Access Control model. Rank/position controls the general level of access with Master overrides for particular scenarios. Shore based management/owner access with individual access controls Uses SSL technology to aid compliance with Data Protection Acts. Highly sensitive data (e.g. bank details, personal information, passport information) is encrypted using a unique algorithm.

Backend Database: The system uses MS SQL Server (2008 Express R2 or later, preferrably 64-bit) as the backend database.

Operating System: The server should, ideally, run Windows Server 2008 or above. For smaller implementations, a suitably configured Windows 7 or 8 workstation may suffice.

Hardware Requirements: The server requires a minimum of 1GB RAM. Please call to discuss whether your existing hardware is suitable.

Windows 10 browser support statement

NeptuneVMS is supported by Acara Software Ltd on the following editions of Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge and is supported on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10.

Customers can expect to work with our excellent team of Support Engineers (or System Integrators) who will ensure that NeptuneVMS is installed and packaged to suit the needs of your business. Customers can find out more information about our technical support services by clicking here.